Formula 1 Heineken Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2019
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Grande Prêmio do Brasil de Fórmula 1

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The purchase of the tickets is subject to availability and tickets of other Grandstand of the circuit may be available without prior notice or need of notification.

  • Grandstand Q

    Setor Q

    Situated in the centre of the Back Straight, Grandstand ‘Q’ faces the fastest part of the Interlagos track, where top speed may reach 330km/h, followed by violent braking and the prospect of overtaking.

    Grandstand with giant screen


    R$ 610,00

  • Grandstand A

    Setor A

    Grandstand ‘A’ provides a privileged view of Interlagos’ famous turns Laranjinha, Pinheirinho and Bico de Pato. At the final stretch of the circuit, cars are seen accelerating towards the start-finish line reaching 310km/h, from the very demanding sweeping ascent to the fast left-hander.

    Grandstand with giant screen


    R$ 870,00

  • Grandstand R

    Setor R

    Grandstand 'R' is situated in the beginning of the Back Straight - the greatest acceleration point of the circuit - and affords excellent visibility of the famous Senna’s 'S' turn and of the the pit lane exit.

    Covered grandstand Grandstand with giant screen


    R$ 1.100,00

  • Grandstand M

    Setor M

    The comfortable 'M' grandstand faces the pit lane, where spectators can watch the teams in action during the race. To its right, the famous Senna’s 'S' forces cars to reduce speed from 320km/h down to 110km/h, making it one of the main overtaking points of the circuit.

    Covered grandstand Grandstand with giant screen


    R$ 1.860,00

  • Grandstand B

    Setor B

    This premium grandstand is strategically positioned on the Main Straight, where spectators can follow the grid formation, the start of the race, teams in action and watch the podium ceremony. Finger food buffet and selected beverages are included in the price of the ticket.

    Grandstand with snacks included Covered grandstand Grandstand with giant screen


    R$ 3.100,00