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1. Fill out the Cashless Consumption Card refund form available on our website from November 18th to November 24th, 2019;

2. The refund is only available for customers who make the card identifiable through the registration linked to the Passport or RNE number;

3. The passport number or RNE informed on the form must be the same as the one registered at the Cashless Consumption Card during the Event;

4. Refund will be made exclusively to the same bank account filled on the form or, if the client wishes to do so, reverted in donation to the Helena Florisbal Institute;

5. Balance will be refunded up to 31 (thirty-one) days after the refund form submission;

6. If you have chosen to top up Online in advance with a PayPal account, the respective residual balance will be credited after the Event to the same credit card number informed upon the top up moment (in this case, there is no need to fill out the refund form). However, if you have done new top ups in cash, debit or credit card, the residual balance will be refunded by completing the refund form, according to item 1;

Refunds during the Event will be granted solely for foreigners who make a cash top up upon presentation of the Cashless Consumption Card and identification document (Passport or RNE) at the cashier spots available in each sector (grandstand).

7. Should you have any questions, please contact us on;

8. This procedure for requesting the refund is exclusive to the residual balance. The 5 BRL activation fee will be refunded by returning the card in the cashier spots during the Event.

*please inform the passport number or RNE registered on the Cashless Consumption Card

Credited to my bank account as follows:
Reverted in donation and credited to the bank account to the Instituto Helena Florisbal
Chain Savings